Honoring A True Public Servant

Dear Friends,

I can’t express my appreciation enough for Mayor Quinn’s service to the city, especially his leadership during this very difficult and challenging year with COVID. 

I was surprised by his decision to step aside this month, but I respect it and understand it.

Mayor Quinn has consistently put the City and County of Broomfield first and now is the time to celebrate his contributions and leadership. I had the great privilege of working side-by-side with Mayor Quinn since November 2019, which has prepared me to step in and take on the role of Mayor. It is because of Mayor Quinn’s inclusive leadership that I am ready to deliver a seamless transition for Broomfield. 

I am eternally grateful to Mayor Quinn for his selfless service and dedication during these unprecedented times. 

Thank you for demonstrating what true leadership looks like and fostering an inclusive community we can all be proud of.