A Sustainable Broomfield

In 2020, Council approved the first ever Broomfield Zero Waste Action Plan and adopted waste reduction goals of achieving 100% waste diversion by 2035. Future Community Meetings will focus on Zero Waste grant and funding opportunities, issues and planning, increased access to curbside recycling, composting, and a single trash hauler option.

Guyleen also supports a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Plan for Broomfield. In 2021, Council adopted greenhouse gas reduction goals as a guiding principle for all City and County of Broomfield operations and for outreach and actions within the community.

The GHG Emissions Reduction Plan for Broomfield will include an assessment of costs associated with each recommended policy or project, including analysis of best use of funds for emissions reductions gains and a prioritization of the recommendations, for Council’s consideration. Any funding of projects will be brought to Council for its consideration and a decision on appropriation, based on detailed cost information.

Guyleen will continue to support the adoption of sustainability recommendations for new development, including possible xeriscape opportunities, electric energy, EV charging stations, green building proposals, solar options, EV ready building codes and smart zoning. Guyleen is committed to working with transportation and regional entities (DRCOG, RTD) to support bike/ped/transit infrastructure, transportation sustainability goals, fleet electrification. She will encourage and support Broomfield Commuter Program and alternative modes of transportation.