Inclusive Housing

Broomfield housing prices have continued to climb over the last few years. Young families and seniors cannot find attainable housing and this makes it difficult for families to live close to one another. Rising home and rental prices coupled with low inventory are making it difficult for many of our current residents, from teachers to firefighters: the people who serve our community, to find housing they can afford. Guyleen wants to ensure we have a wide range of housing options which is why she supports Broomfield’s Inclusionary Housing efforts. Guyleen will work to secure more public/private partnerships like funding for the Anchor House and multiple Habitat for Humanity projects. Guyleen fully supports BHAC’s recommendation of forming an Independent Housing Authority Board of Commissioners by the end of 2021.

2017 – Guyleen brought forth the need for mobile home park oversight resulting in increased protections for home owners.

2018 – Broomfield Housing Advisory Committee (BHAC) completes the Housing Needs Assessment demonstrating the huge need for more attainable housing.

2019 – The Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) ordinance was adopted.

2020 – Inclusionary Housing Ordinance was adopted by Council requiring 20% of new rental units and 10% of for-sale units be at or below 80% Average Median Income.

2021 – Continued implementation of the Inclusionary Housing Ordinance with new residential development projects and housing partnerships. The Housing Development Fund continues to grow with the collection of Council approved cash-in-lieu fees from developers.