Environmental Sustainability

We have high standards for sustainability in Broomfield, so to move us toward our sustainability goals in waste diversion and reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions, Broomfield is leading several programs and initiatives…

For example, the Broomfield Solar Co-op, a partnership with Solar United Neighbors, allows homeowners and small business owners to learn about solar energy and consider purchasing solar panels.  This initiative was so popular that all 100 spots of the Solar Co-Op were filled in a very short time and we have another 22 on the waitlist. 

We are also exploring a Universal Collection Initiative as a way to help further achieve our aggressive waste diversion goals and Council wants to hear from our residents about this. You’ll be seeing more about Universal Collection soon, if you have not already, and we encourage residents to visit our Broomfield Voice website to learn more and make their voices be heard.

There are also free and discounted home energy audit programs available to Broomfield residents through our partnerships with utility providers. Residents can also find more information on how to save money on utility bills while increasing the comforts of home within our energy and water sections of broomfield.org

Finally, the City and County of Broomfield has also taken proactive measures, like installing EV charging stations at city-owned facilities and electrifying fleet vehicles when appropriate, to be a model for the needed changes to further advance our sustainability goals.