Public Health & Safety

Every resident in Broomfield should feel safe in their homes, at their place of business, on our trails, and on our streets. A safe city gives our residents the freedom and opportunity to enjoy and thrive in our community. Under Guyleen’s leadership, Broomfield has passed the most protective oil and gas regulations in the state including 2000 foot setbacks and exclusionary zoning to prohibit oil and gas activity near homes, schools and recreational areas.

Guyleen advocated for more investments in public safety and maintaining a high level of support for our first responders. During her term on Council, Broomfield has staffed up our police department to keep pace with our population growth and enhanced pay and benefits to facilitate retention and recruitment. Guyleen also approved increased funding for mental health co-responders who help protect our residents in crisis. She was also endorsed by the Colorado Fraternal Order of Police when she first ran for Council in 2017.