Guyleen Voted Interim Mayor

I now have the great privilege and honor of being the Mayor of the City and County of Broomfield. I see this as a 4-month job interview and I fully intend to earn the support of those who don’t know me yet.

People who do know me, know that I’ve never met a stranger and when I commit to doing something, I am all in and give 100%.

Since Council unanimously appointed me to Mayor Pro Tem in November 2019, I have shown up to every Council meeting except one when my father passed away. The Mayor and I worked very closely since then and I took my role as back-up seriously – attending every weekly coordination meeting, every script review meeting and countless last minute calls and meetings with City Management throughout the pandemic. I made sure I was always responsive and prepared to step in should the need arise, shadowing Mayor Quinn and learning the responsibilities just in case. I have attended every town hall, every weekly Covid update, almost every oil and gas meeting and all of my 8 boards and commissions commitments even as an alternate.

The purpose of having a successor is to minimize disruption of the City, County and Council’s work. The residents of Broomfield deserve more than a “placeholder”. That term truly diminishes all of the extra time and effort that Mayor Quinn and I devoted to our roles. Building and nurturing relationships with and among my Council colleagues and within the community has always been a priority for me.

Being the interim Mayor is about fulfilling a duty that my fellow Council members entrusted to me almost two years ago. Broomfield has an interim Mayor that truly wants the job and and is willing to step up and earn it. Thank you all so much for your support!