Ueda Art and Culture Exchange

Tonight I was honored to open the program for the Broomfield – Ueda Art and Culture Exchange! The live event was broadcasted on Zoom with our partners in Ueda, Japan and we shared our community’s art and music simultaneously! ​

A Sister Cities relationship creates the opportunity to embrace the ideal of promoting peace through mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation – one individual, one community, at a time.

Broomfield is invested in arts in the city and many organizations are working together to keep the art and culture of the city lively. It is our sincere hope that this art exchange will bring additional opportunities to our friendship.

Broomfield values and promotes cultural understanding and inclusion. In fact, our diversity is a community asset. Our Sister Cities relationship helps us cultivate stronger connections that bridge relationships between community members and diverse cultures.

Find out more here: https://broomfieldsistercities.weebly.com