Guyleen Castriotta Wins Broomfield Mayoral Race

A slate of six candidates in Broomfield’s City Council race won election Tuesday after winning endorsements from the state’s Democratic party. 

Incumbent Mayor Guyleen Castriotta won the race over opponent and Councilwoman Kimberly Groom. According to unofficial results, Castriotta received 52% of votes and Groom received 48%.

Candidate James Marsh-Holschen won the Ward 1 race with 57% of votes, while opponent Chriss Hammerschmidt received 43% of votes. Ward 2 candidate Austin Ward won with 57% of votes against opponent Brent Hultman, who garnered 43% of votes. In Ward 3, incumbent Councilman Deven Shaff was voted in another term with 55% of votes against opponent Brian Peotter, who received 45% of votes. Bruce Leslie won the Ward 4 race with 54% of votes against opponent Mindy Quiachon, who received 46% of votes. Incumbent Ward 5 Councilman Todd Cohen won the final race with 54% of votes against opponent Grayson Hofferber, who received 46% of votes.

All votes received by the city and county of Broomfield have been counted, city spokeswoman Carolyn Romero said Wednesday. According to unofficial results, 23,269 of Broomfield’s 52,716 active voters, or 44%, cast a vote.

Official voting results will not be available until the Canvass Board certifies the Abstract of Votes, scheduled Nov. 16, Romero said.

“Within the next few days, we will receive Broomfield ballots returned in error to other counties, usually a very small number,” she added. “In addition, the law allows eight days for voters to cure ballots that have been flagged with signature discrepancies and for military and overseas citizens absentee ballots to be returned and processed by the city and county.”

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