Broomfield City Council Approves Property Tax Refund Pilot Program

Broomfield City Council approved Tuesday a new pilot program that will provide partial property tax rebates to residents ages 65 and older, people with disabilities and eligible veterans.

The Broomfield Partial Property Tax Refund Pilot Program, which is set to run in the 2023 and 2024 tax years, will provide an average of $600 reimbursement each tax year, with a maximum annual cap of $1,000, said Sharon Tessier, housing programs manager with the city and county.

“Broomfield has become increasingly difficult to afford for many seniors, people with disabilities, veterans with disabilities — who both invested in, and made Broomfield their lifelong home,” Tessier told City Council. 

Broomfield’s housing division expects the tax rebates will help between 600 and 700 households, Tessier said.

“The cost of this program for the two years is $1 million, and that will come directly from the housing development operating fund,” she said. “Half will be distributed in year one — 2023, and the other half in year two — 2024.”

Mayor Pro Tem Stan Jezierski said it’s important for the pilot program to closely vet applicants.

“I’m concerned about potential abuse by those who may not really need this,” he told City Council. “They may have significant assets.”

Tessier assured Jezierski that the pilot program will ask applicants about their assets and income.

“On the application form, we will be asking residents to show all forms of income,” Tessier said. “Including retirement, pension, social security, alimony, et cetera, to ensure integrity of the program.”

The rebate amounts may change if a household benefits from Colorado’s Senior Homestead Tax Exemption program, which also allows a partial property tax reduction. 

To qualify for the pilot program, a resident must be:

  • Age 65 or older before Jan. 1, 2023, or a surviving spouse/partner of someone 65+ who previously qualified;
  • A senior veteran with a total disability rating of at least 80%;
  • A person with a disability who can document a disability rating of at least 80%; or
  • Someone who is retired because of a disability, or a veteran with a 100% service-connected disability.

The pilot program organizers will work to get the word out and educate residents who may qualify, Tessier said.

“Part of our marketing is to ensure that we have senior services in place, so it’s kind of like they don’t have to go out of their way — if they’re already going to be at senior services,” she said. “We’ll have clinics to ensure that they can enroll.”

A property tax bill will be mailed to Broomfield residents in mid-January, and applications for the pilot program will open Feb. 2, Tessier said.

Councilmember William Lindstedt said he hopes the program will be extended beyond 2024.

“I think this will be a very popular and utilized program,” he said.

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