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Guyleen for Mayor Campaign Kick-Off

With Special Guest Congressman Joe Neguse  Please Join State Representative Matt Gray, Broomfield Mayor Pat Quinn, Broomfield City Council members: Stan Jezierski, Sharon Tessier, William Lindstedt, DevenShaff, Jean Lim, Laurie Anderson, Heidi Henkel Adams County Commissioner Emma Pinter. Broomfield City Council Candidate James Holschen. Broomfield City Council Candidate Todd Cohen And Joan Murahata For the Guyleen for…

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Colorado’s Smallest County Makes a Big Push for the Safety of Its Residents

With the signing of Senate Bill 181 in April 2019, Colorado’s local governments were given a power they’d never enjoyed before: the ability to restrict oil and gas operations within their borders, rather than be held to state guidelines. Two years later, the City and County of Broomfield is preparing to pass a set of holistic regulations…

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Broomfield Put Oil & Gas Issue to Voters

Open Space Charter Amendment Some of you may remember ballot question 2C from the 2020 election. This question asked voters to amend the Charter to remove  “mineral extraction” as an exempted change in use for our public open space. I have been trying to remove this carve-out since 2017 when Extraction was permitted to drill multiple wells…

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